Innovation, Beauty, and Sustainability: the three pillars of the new antares headquarters

In an era where individual well-being and collective health are becoming increasingly central, IBSA Italy has embarked on a renovation journey of its Lodi headquarters with the antares project.

An ambitious initiative supported by a 15-million-euro investment that reflects the company's commitment to developing workspaces designed to preserve and celebrate the uniqueness of every employee.

In this video, IBSA Italy Project Manager Matteo Riboli talks about the progress of the renovation work at the new headquarters. He describes the main innovations made, such as the introduction of the colonnade on the facade, the expansion of parking areas and an increase in the number of workstations. These changes are radically transforming the space into an aesthetic and functional landmark where teamwork and the commitment of technical services play a key role. Matteo Riboli expresses is proud of the hard work carried out behind the scenes to implement a new vision combining architectural beauty, innovation, and comfort for employees.

In this interview Matteo Romani - HSE Manager at IBSA Italy - highlights the crucial role of safety and collaboration at the antares construction site. The main challenge lies in managing the interactions between the construction site and ongoing business operations. Romani emphasizes the importance of sharing a culture of safety to achieve high standards, demonstrating IBSA's commitment to creating a space that combines innovation, functionality, and care for employees.

Three pillars of antares

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antares is based on three fundamental pillars that reflect the company's holistic vision of well-being and respect for the environment: Innovation, Beauty, and Sustainability. These principles are not just guidelines for the renovation of the headquarters, but represent the embodiment of IBSA's values and its commitment to people, scientific progress, and the environment.

Innovation: Through approaches focused on the overall well-being and adapted to evolving and versatile working conditions, the space is designed to dynamically respond to contemporary work needs. Environments are optimized for functionality, with open spaces that increase accessory areas for support to daily functions by 40%, equipped with panels for sound insulation, and an advanced lighting system with LED lamps for reduced environmental impact.

Beauty: In the concept of the new headquarters, particular attention was paid to the harmony between aesthetics and practicality, privileging the well-being of those who work there. This philosophy is the guideline for the realization of IBSA's workspaces and offices, where design and comfort blend to create stimulating and welcoming environments.

Sustainability: The project is built on a key principle for IBSA: transforming what already exists to find better solutions. Through a complete overhaul of spaces, both interior and exterior, the structure emerges at the forefront of energy efficiency and environmental standards, marking a significant progress that reflects the company's evolution and growth over recent years.

The new IBSA Italy headquarters also represents an investment for the enhancement of the territory, with the creation of a hub for doctors, suppliers, professionals, and employees, offering an inclusive environment where everyone will find their own space and the resources they need. It ultimately symbolizes IBSA's commitment to being pioneers not only in the development of quality pharmaceutical solutions but also in creating a work environment that reflects the company's values of care, innovation, and respect for the environment and the people.

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