IBSA Italy front of shirt sponsor of the A.S. Roma women first team

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IBSA Italy is proud to announce a new sponsorship in the world of sports. For the 2023/2024 season, in fact, the IBSA diamond will appear on the uniforms of the AS Roma Women First Team, as the first exclusive jersey sponsor. This is a historic new partnership because it is the first time that AS Roma women's team has an exclusive jersey sponsor.

"We are proud of this new sponsorship that sees us alongside one of the most prominent women's football teams in the Italian landscape, which is the reigning champion of Italy for the 22/23 season," stated Massimiliano Licenziati, President of IBSA Italy. "IBSA has been involved in the world of sports for six years now, for the wholesome values it conveys. However, this sponsorship holds special significance as it reflects IBSA's commitment to women who, through their talent, play a pivotal role within the company and in all the fields they operate in."

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“We believe the partnership with IBSA Italy is an extraordinary opportunity to increase the value of our club, to embark on a shared path that goes beyond the sponsorship of the jersey and to contribute together to the affirmation of the women's football movement”, said Lina Souloukou, Chief Executive Officer & General Manager of the Club.

The sponsorship of AS Roma Women First Team joins those of the Italian Basketball Federation - FIP, where IBSA Italy is the main sponsor, the Lega Basket Serie A - LBA, where it acts as the medical sponsor and title sponsor of the Next Gen, the Zebre Rugby as the back jersey sponsor, Giulia Gabbrielleschi, an open-water swimmer, and the Amatori Wasken Lodi, where it is  premium sponsor. Click here for the press release.