Sailing into the Future

IBSA and Alberto Bona: the courage to go further and overcome challenges

The great successes achieved in 2023 by Alberto Bona and the Class40 IBSA are not just a story of regattas, competitions and ocean challenges, but they concretely translate the values ​​on which IBSA bases its philosophy. With courage, cleverness, commitment and chance – in short, the 4Cs of President Arturo Licenziati – Bona’s adventures are a metaphor for the commitment and determination necessary to achieve goals also in difficult situations, and not only at sea.

The bond between IBSA and Alberto was born from the project Sailing into the Future. Together, but it goes far beyond a professional collaboration. IBSA is indeed a travel companion, which embraces the commitment to overcome challenges and go further, in order to respond to the real needs of people.

In this perspective, the Class40 IBSA is more than just a racing boat: it’s an extension of the dreams and hopes of those who believe that at every port there is an opportunity for growth, knowing that it is possible to go further and do increasingly greater things.


The 2023 season was memorable for both IBSA and Bona: six regattas, with two victories and three podiums; the record for the greatest number of miles covered in 24 hours by a Class40; over 15,000 miles sailed and the first place overall in the Class40 international championship.

It all began in February, with Alberto’s victory in the RORC Caribbean 600, the 600-mile “slalom” between the Caribbean islands, followed in April by a third place in the first transoceanic race of the season, the Défi Atlantique (“Atlantic Challenge”). In June, the Class40 IBSA arrived in sixth place at the Normandy Channel Race, and then the second victory of the season: the Les Sables-Horta-Les Sables.

An eighth position in the Rolex Fastnet Race closed this first part of the racing season. After the summer break, the year ended with the legendary Transat Jacques Vabre, where the Class40 IBSA conquered a brilliant third place.


After conquering the podium of the International Class40 Circuit, Bona is ready to embark on other challenges: two transoceanic races at much more northern latitudes than we have become accustomed to so far.

The first chapter of this new epic IBSA adventure will be the Transat CIC, which will start on April 28 from Lorient (France) and end in New York, after over 3,000 miles of solo sailing. This historic competition, also known as “The Transat”, is famous for its high difficulty coefficient, and will be a test of stamina and determination.

The second stage will see the Class40 IBSA compete in the legendary Quebec-Saint-Malo, a 1,200-mile three-crew regatta from Canada to France.

In addition to her transoceanic endeavours – and to consolidate her presence in international competitions – the Class40 IBSA will also participate in the Normandy Channel Race, scheduled for September.

For IBSA and Alberto Bona, believing in such undertakings means embracing the wind of challenge. At sea and in the world of work, the essence of going further becomes the compass, showing that at the heart of every achievement is the courageous heartbeat of those who know that true success lies beyond the horizon.