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“PMA in pillole”: questions as you would ask them

Infertility is increasingly common, and the phenomenon of declining birth rates is becoming a real social emergency. In most cases, it is due to postponing the decision to have children, which significantly impacts the overall reduction in fertility, but also to a lack of family support policies.

Added to this, a diagnosis of infertility can undermine a couple's balance who, in addition to feeling disoriented and unprepared, often also have to deal with prejudices and taboos.

IBSA Italy, has launched an important public information campaign through the BabyHeART portal, which has become a reference point for couples seeking medically assisted reproduction, offering accurate information and support from specialists in the field.

Along the same lines and with the same goals, “PMA in Pillole: questions as you would ask them” was born. A video podcast divided into 20 interviews with experts, curated by Enza Perna, a mother who underwent PMA and an educator with the valuable personal experience ad a patient and deep knowledge of the process that led her to become a mother. Enza understands the feelings and needs for knowledge of couples involved in this experience and carefully selects the questions to ask the many experts who enthusiastically participated in creating this valuable series of videos: doctors of various specialties, biologists, nutritionists, psychologist, and legal experts. Together with Enza, they analyze the key point of medically assisted reproduction to create a complete and exhaustive guide for a more informed path to parenthood.

The 20 “PMA in Pillole” videos will be uploaded to the dedicated space on BabyHeART website and actively promoted on BabyHeART’s social media channels.

"I am delighted with the positive feedback and enthusiasm with which so many esteemed experts in the PMA world have participated in the realization of this important project," says Nicole Caserta, Product Manager - Human Reproduction. "'PMA in Pillole” is a concrete and authoritative reference point for couples seeking a child and demonstrates IBSA Italy's commitment and ability to promote and support parenthood through innovative communication projects that reach the public in a direct and effective way."

ART in brief: the experts speak