IBSA for Women and AS Roma Women together to celebrate women

March 8 is a date imbued with meaning, a time to celebrate the strength, resilience and passion of women around the world. With the project IBSA for Women, we want to glorify the women who – in sport as well as in all the other social fields – are showing extraordinary determination in overcoming challenges and prejudices.

Last December IBSA Italy – which has always been involved in the world of sport, to which it associates its values ​​and its commitment towards personal health and well-being – signed a new partnership with the women’s team of AS Roma, thus becoming the first exclusive jersey sponsor.

A tribute to the courage and passion of women who, despite the adversities they encountered along their path, stood out as talented athletes, without ever stopping believing in their dreams. In this video manifesto, we collected the testimonies of the players of AS Roma, reigning Italian champions, as an example for all the young people who want to fulfil their dreams.


According to a research by the Human Highway Institute published in Il Sole 24 Ore, interest in women’s football is growing globally, but not enough to wipe away stereotypes and resistance: this sport is still considered definitely more “masculine” by almost 40% of Italians. But the reflection on gender stereotypes requires a balance between emotion and rationality. On the one hand, it’s important to recognise the challenges and discrimination that women in football had – and still have – to face; on the other, however, we must look with confidence at the progress that has been made and the opportunities that this sport offers to promote gender equality and inspire future generations.

The AS Roma women’s players carry stories of challenges and triumphs. During their tortuous path to the top, they encountered many difficulties, but this was not a reason to quit. Indeed, on the contrary, it made them stronger and more determined. Complicit and of great importance was the constant family support, which in many cases made the difference. The experience they lived as young people endowed them with extraordinary courage, fuelling their passion for football and driving them to fight for their goal even more steadfastly.

These stories are an example of resilience and strength for all future generations who enter this world; a world that requires passion, determination and talent. For too long stereotypes and prejudices have determined the fate of many: now it’s time for a change. The invitation, therefore, is to look beyond the barriers that might initially seem insurmountable, but which must be broken down with perseverance and commitment, to achieve one’s goals, but above all one’s dreams.