Corporate Social Responsibility

Collected 600,000 medicines to address health poverty


Held by Banco Farmaceutico from 6 to 12 February throughout the national territory, the 24th Drug Collection Day tells about an Italy always capable of showing extraordinary solidarity and strong social cohesion.

Indeed, in the course of these 7 days, almost 600,000 packages of medicines – worth over € 5 million – were donated: a considerable participation and a concrete contribution that will make it possible to help at least 430,000 people in conditions of health poverty.

The outcome of the collection – which has been increasingly sizeable over the years – was made possible thanks to the collaboration of 5,689 pharmacies across the country, which joined the initiative, together with over 25,000 volunteers and more than 19,000 pharmacists, all engaged in a network of mutual aid and altruism, a sign of hope for our time and for the new generations.

The donations were not limited to drugs, but also included a significant financial contribution from pharmacy owners, who gave over € 840,000 to support Banco Farmaceutico’s initiatives and projects.

This extraordinary demonstration of solidarity, supported by a national TV campaign on the main networks, took place under the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Republic, with AIFA’s support and in collaboration with CDO Opere Sociali, Federfarma, Fofi, Federchimica Assosalute, EgualiaIndustrie Farmaci Accessibili (“Accessible Pharmaceutical Industries”).

Over the course of almost a quarter of a century, the historic Drug Collection Day has become an important opportunity to draw attention to the health poverty phenomenon: the general increase in the cost of living, caused by inflation and wars, is contributing to undermining the financial capacity of low-income families. Taking care of health expenses is indeed becoming increasingly more difficult.

A silent crisis, still neglected but expanding, which affects families and individuals in our country, as highlighted by the latest Report on Health Poverty (Rapporto sulla Povertà Sanitaria).

IBSA Italy’s ten-year participation in this initiative, through an unconditional contribution, is part of the broader commitment undertaken by the company to achieve the third objective indicated by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”. A commitment to give back a safer and healthier world to the community and to future generations.

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