Innovation as an answer to the patients’ needs

The sun is life, it’s strength, it’s energy. It’s from sunlight that our body synthesises vitamin D – cholecalciferol – a molecule that plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of bone metabolism, promoting the absorption of calcium.

Eighty percent of the Italian population has a vitamin D deficiency, both due to an insufficient exposure to the sun and to an inadequate food intake, especially in some phases of their life – such as pregnancy – or in particular age groups, as in the case of the elderly and menopausal women.

Filmtec® technology


The consequences of hypovitaminosis D on health are significant, because they can lead to the onset of conditions such as bone fragility, osteoporosis, osteomalacia and other diseases.

Starting from listening to the needs of patients, and from their still unmet therapeutic needs, IBSA Farmaceutici has developed innovative solutions capable of improving the compliance of people on chronic vitamin D therapy.

PEARLtec technology

Developed with Filmtec® technology, the orodispersible film is a new dosage form that looks like a flexible and ultra-thin sheet the size of a postage stamp (50-150 µm thick) which, once in contact with saliva, dissolves in a few seconds, ensuring a precise and uniform concentration of the active ingredient, as well as its rapid bioavailability, while facilitating its intake in any circumstance and under different conditions.

PEARLtec technology is a process that allows to encapsulate a liquid, suspension or gel matrix in a continuous shell of soft gelatine. The advantages of taking cholecalciferol in soft capsules are: better oral bioavailability, ease of administration and neutral/flavourless taste.