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IBSA at the IMCAS World Congress 2023: innovation and new perspectives for the future of Aesthetic Medicine

IBSA at the IMCAS World Congress 2023

Held in Paris, France, from 26 to 28 January 2023, the latest edition of the IMCAS World Congress 2023 has just concluded; the congress – the most important international meeting dedicated to surgery and aesthetic medicine – saw the leading international experts discuss the main topics of this field: from the advances and innovations in dermatology to plastic surgery and aging science.




Also this year IBSA played an important role within this event, with various appointments that saw its involvement at the forefront, including IMCAS Tribune 2023, an economic forum dedicated to market analysis and industrial strategy, with the participation of Luca Crippa, Chief Commercial Officer of IBSA, in the round table entitled “Challenges in medical aesthetics”. IBSA Derma is therefore opening up to new challenges, while looking at new market segments and new approaches to Aesthetic Medicine, such as the new projects focused on ethics, which perfectly embrace the company’s vision.

IBSA at the IMCAS World Congress 2023

On the occasion of this event, IBSA organised a session entirely dedicated to the presentation of the Consensus Paper entitled “The AESTHETIC MEDICINE: INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUE ON THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MEDICINE, BEAUTY AND ETHICS”, by an Advisory Board made up of leading international experts who discussed this issue, stimulating an ethical reflection on the clinical practice for the benefit of the patients, to guide them towards greater self-awareness. The Document thus addresses the ethical aspects of Aesthetic Medicine, for a clearer definition of the opportunities and limits of intervention, according to plain guidelines, to promote an increasingly more authentic beauty.

“The new goal that IBSA set itself with this ambitious project is to collaborate even more closely with Doctors and Scientific Societies, to develop and raise awareness of the ethics of Aesthetic Medicine and educate about its mindful and respectful use”, stated Tania Pirazzini, Head of the Dermo-Aesthetic Department. “We are well aware of the need – stronger today than ever – to disseminate a new culture that considers Aesthetic Medicine as an actual treatment in the medical context, a cure that can show its effectiveness first of all by preserving the uniqueness of each individual, increasing self-confidence and improving social relationships, as well as everyone’s daily life”.