Corporate Social Responsibility

No to bullying: Lodigiano in Colors, an art, music and entertainment project

A street art project, a cabaret show with Zelig comedian Alessandra Ierse, a gospel music concert with the One Spirit Inside choir: these are the key moments of the initiative Lodigiano in colors, which saw the contribution of IBSA Farmaceutici and the APS organisation Il Magnete (“The Magnet”), once again side by side to say no to bullying in all its forms.

Launched in October 2022, Lodigiano in colors has accompanied the entire community with a series of events, the last of which is scheduled for Saturday, June 17, in Lodi, at the Isola Carolina Park. This is indeed the last stage of a journey that has transformed several benches in the city of Lodi and the neighbouring municipalities into an actual symbol against bullying, violence and abuse. The benches have in fact become meeting places, offering everyone the opportunity to meet and give space to their creativity, by colouring the seats together while feeling free from any judgment. That is how Saturday, at 3:30 pm, the last bench will also be coloured – after being treated with a primer to remain indelible, to symbolise the commitment made to the entire project – and permanently positioned inside the park.

Afterwards, at 5:30 pm, adults and children will be have the opportunity to attend a free magic show. The common thread throughout the project – one that will reach its peak on the final day – is a message of inclusion and sharing.

Seeing the enthusiasm of all the people who took part in the various moments of the initiative and the smile on the faces of the little ones is a great emotion for us, and a motivation to continue fighting against bullying”, commented Annamaria Sgorlon, President of the organisation Il Magnet APS. “With the support of IBSA and the help of the community, we can make a difference, and build a more loving and respectful world for everyone”.

Alongside its activities of involvement at local level and sharing with the community, in recent months Il Magnete has developed a calendar of events aimed at carrying forward a message of non-violence through different forms of language.

The benches of Lodigiano in colors

A bench for each municipality in the Lodi area and thousands of people called upon colouring them. Each bench bears a word, not immediately visible, which – combined with those of the other benches – offers the public a path to follow in order to compose a final sentence relating to the fight against social abuses. In addition, a QR code has been affixed to each bench which refers to a Google Earth link, to view on the map the benches which have been coloured over the past months and to identify the full path.

The gospel concert and the cabaret show

In addition to the bench colours, the initiative has been enriched with events ranging from music to language. On May 21, the concert by the Milan One Spirit Inside gospel choir was held, directed by Ulrica De Georgio . The evening was opened by comedian Alessandra Ierse – known for her participation in the TV show Zelig – who entertained the audience with an amusing monologue on the characteristics of the various zodiac signs. The common thread between music and comedy was the non-violence message and the will to unite against all forms of discrimination, which ultimately generate bullying episodes.