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IBSA for Women: Today’s Celebration, Everyday Prevention

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, IBSA Farmaceutici launches the campaign IBSA for Women, to celebrate women and raise awareness of a very important and valuable topic: prevention. A critical topic, which includes the commitment that the company has made to improve people’s health and well-being, going beyond the therapeutic aspect and thinking of the individual as a whole.

The March 8 anniversary is therefore one more occasion to devote a moment of attention to the health of all women, starting with importance of prevention. Indeed, every IBSA female collaborator will have the chance to benefit from a free breast check-up and gynaecological visit with Pap smear, two tests useful for diagnosing the most common female cancers: breast and cervical cancer.

Early diagnosis and timely interventions are essential to fight these diseases, whose incidence data are alarming: according to the World Health Organization, at global level more than 2.3 million people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. In Italy, according to AIRTUM-AIOM estimates, 55,000 new cases are diagnosed annually, confirming breast cancer as the most frequent neoplasm in the female gender among all age groups. Time is also a key factor when it comes to gynaecological cancers: every year, the new diagnoses for this type of cancer are around 18,000, and their incidence is growing, also due to the missed or delayed checks recorded during the pandemic period.

Participating in the screening initiatives – offered free of charge to women between 50 and 69 also by the Italian National Health Service – can change the prospect of care and management in case of disease. Intercepting it in the early stages of its onset means being able to treat it with a greater chance of recovery. Unfortunately, only 20% of women declare having been screened in the last year, a figure well below the European recommendations, set to 50% of the target female population.

Supporting a culture of prevention at all ages – regardless of the gender – and promoting correct lifestyles are the first steps towards building a healthier future, when safeguarding health is a value and a right for everyone.

Today’s Celebration, Everyday Prevention!

IBSA For Women