IBSA for Women: Wellness

Dedicated to the topic of wellness, the fourth chapter of the #IBSAforWomen project takes inspiration from the recent prestigious collaboration signed with the Italian Basketball Federation (FIP, Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro), which will associate IBSA also with the national women’s basketball team until 2026.

The partnership with the Italian team is another step forward in a path that exalts sport as a tool for conveying important messages and values, in line with the culture and mind-set of IBSA, which has always been committed to achieving a society that pays more attention to the person and their general psychophysical well-being.

The close cooperation carried out in recent years between IBSA Italy and sports clubs of several disciplines testifies, in fact, to the adoption and promotion of a model that considers sport as an invaluable tool for individual and collective balance and well-being.

Sport stimulates positive examples of behaviour and it’s a splendid opportunity for aggregation; those who play a sport have an excellent quality of life and are better positioned in a more advanced society. As highlighted by the 2023 Censis research on the relationship between women and sport, the combination of sporting and professional activity translates into “more well-being, more riches, more cohesion and more modernity for the communities where they live”.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that there is a strong correlation between intensity of sports practice and female employment rate: where there is more sport, there is also more work for women, who also work better.

As testified by Chiara Palazzuoli, Product Manager of IBSA Italy: “... several scientific studies show how sporting activities have beneficial effects on the body, not only from a physical point of view, but also on a psychological level”. Beneficial effects that start from the individual and extend to the entire community, to the Group, be it a company or a sports team, as emphasised by Ilaria Panzera, athlete of the Italian national female basketball team: “ is very important to be part of a close-knit team that fight for a common goal; each of us is important individually, because they can make their small contribution to achieve a great result”.

For IBSA Italy, quality of life is also enhanced through sport. The incentive to improve oneself becomes a metaphor for life because – just as on the pitch or the training field – commitment, will, determination, sacrifice and personal discipline are necessary every day, in order to achieve any goal or a group victory. In addition, starting this year, sport has become part of the values protected by the Constitution of the Italian Republic (art. 33), as a tool for personal development. The objective is to facilitate access to sport, both for psychophysical well-being and as an opportunity for the social development of the community.