IBSA Farmaceutici: responsibility and ethics are the distinctive features of its Governance

Since 2017, the IBSA Group has adopted an anti-corruption guideline with the aim of building a Governance increasingly based on principles and rules to be followed to prevent corrupt conduct of any kind.

Building solid governance means adopting a structured system of rules that allows us on the one hand to operate according to criteria of maximum efficiency and, on the other, to ensure the highest standards of transparency, legality, traceability and reliability”, commented Elisabetta Racca, Head of Legal Affairs, IBSA.

A responsible Governance can also be a useful tool to become more efficient. Improving performances, also in organisational terms, is part of a path that IBSA Farmaceutici has undertaken for some time now, by optimising the management of its processes, providing itself with adequate skills, improving quality parameters over time and bringing out a culture based on the utmost professionalism and shared by the whole company. This path also includes the application of management systems compliant with ISO standards targeted at continuous improvement.

Ethical Governance is an important issue to be promoted in order to improve the involvement and contribution of all IBSA Farmaceutici collaborators, explained Francesco Sturniolo, Legal, Compliance & Anti-Corruption Specialist, IBSA Farmaceutici. “It is important to be aware of the fact that all corporate processes, without exception, are potentially subject to risks to be assessed and managed, and everyone has the duty to make their own contribution. All corporate processes are critical for the company, both for the maintenance of its activities and for its market reputation”.

ISO 37001 certification

IBSA Farmaceutici – which already has its own 231 Organizational Model, with measures aimed at preventing and fighting corruption – chose to undertake the ISO 37001 certification process in order to improving its commitment and having it recognised, through the adoption of best practices verified by an accredited third party body and internationally recognised.

In detail, the ISO 37001 certification concerns the management systems for the prevention of corruption. All the operational departments have been involved in the audit conducted by the certification body SGS to verify the compliance of the management system with the ISO 37001 standard – from Human Resources to Finance, from the Commercial Division to the Supply Chain – with analyses and checks of corporate processes, with the purpose to ascertain their compliance with the required standards.

IBSA Farmaceutici successfully passed the audit, obtaining the ISO 37001:2016 certification of its anti-corruption management system. It is one of the first Italian Pharmaceutical Companies to achieve this certification.