Anatomy Masterclass: the educational excellence of Aesthetic Medicine at the Humanitas University of Milan

A comprehensive knowledge of anatomy is a key factor for Aesthetic Medicine. Without a careful anatomical evaluation and assessment of the skin structure, no treatment – or medical-surgical intervention – can be performed safely. So, the importance of practical training cannot be underestimated, especially when it comes to interventions that involve the delicacy and precision necessary in cosmetic surgery.

Through direct experience on anatomical preparations, the Anatomy Masterclass – organised by the Dermoaesthetics division of IBSA Italy at the Humanitas University of Milan – provides a complete and excellent training, even for expert injectors who are eager to delve into new techniques and practice them safely.

During a hands-on session, learners can practice on anatomical preparations, dissecting and analysing facial morphology, improving their familiarity with the vascular structures, the deep fat compartments and the main anatomical planes where to inject hyaluronic acid-based products with different rheological profiles. This approach allows them to hone their skills and perfect their techniques, while reducing risks during in-office medical treatments.

Two days of study, practice and debate

The Anatomy Masterclass is an exclusive two-day event, aimed at analysing in detail the anatomy of the face through a theoretical session, a masterful dissection and, finally, a “hands-on” practical session, during which the student-doctors will be able to put into practice what they observed and immediately practice the techniques just learned.

As Charlotte Smeenge, Sr. Educational Support Officer at IBSA Derma, explained: “It will also be possible to expand knowledge in the use of the products, always under the supervision of international experts, who guide the learner in choosing the injectable treatment and the most suitable associated technique to optimise the result in the anatomical area of ​​reference.

This appointment is part of a cycle of events which, as usual, hosts Italian and foreign doctors, showing IBSA’s international commitment towards continuous training and the implementation of know-how in Aesthetic Medicine.