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Masterclass: the importance of investment in training for young talented physiatrists

Following the success of 2022, this year IBSA Farmaceutici is once again promoting MASTERCLASS: a valuable initiative sponsored by SIMFER - the Italian Society of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine - involving 12 post-graduate schools in various Italian universities and over 200 emerging talents in their final years of physiatry. The programme includes an itinerant educational course which introduces young doctors to intra-articular infiltration techniques using hyaluronic acid, methods that are increasingly used in outpatient facilities.

“Interventional rehabilitative medicine is becoming increasingly important in the training of young physiatrists” - comments Doctor Stefano Respizzi, Director of the Department of Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery at Humanitas and Scientific Director of the Masterclass project. “It is essential to invest in training young practitioners because, due to the progressive ageing of the population, we are expecting a significant growth in the number of patients with major or minor disabilities over the coming years”. 

As a matter of fact, osteoarthritis is one of the most common diseases affecting people in old age, when the mechanical and biological properties of hyaluronic acid within the joints are reduced. Under these conditions it helps to restore an adequate concentration of hyaluronic acid through intra-articular infiltration, which enables us to restore the viscoelasticity of the synovial fluid, reduce pain and improve joint function, with an overall improvement in the quality of life. Not only the elderly: infiltration treatment is also helpful in treating the joints of young athletes, which are at greater risk of wear and tear due to the extreme stresses involved in practising sports. Physiatrists working in this field now have access to IBSA products that contain no doping substances. Masterclasses provide a unique opportunity for IBSA Farmaceutici to enrich the theoretical and practical skills of new talented practitioners, detailing the most recent, most innovative clinical practice applied in the management of osteoarticular diseases.

“MASTERCLASS is a valuable initiative and an ambitious project, to which IBSA is proud to contribute" - says Anna Adinolfi, Sr Product Manager of IBSA Farmaceutici. “Through this project, IBSA is once again not only confirming its commitment to training young talent in the medical-scientific field, but the itinerant nature of the initiative also ensures equal access throughout the country to the most recent diagnostic techniques and treatment methods”.

Masterclass Turin