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Life Science Excellence Awards 2022: IBSA Farmaceutici takes home prizes in four categories

Four IBSA Farmaceutici projects triumphed at the 2022 edition of the Life Science Excellence Awards, the prestigious annual event that rewards companies and managers that, through innovative projects, contribute to the growth of the Life Science sector. For the 2022 awards, the company topped the categories: 



Best Patient Advocacy Program of the Year for the “Non dire tiroide” project by PM Alessandra Mirabile.

An educational campaign focusing on the thyroid and the thyroid disorders that affect millions of Italians but for which awareness in our country is still inadequate. The campaign is characterised by a fresh and fun format featuring popular stand-up comedian Paolo Labati and the support of some of Italy’s top endocrinology specialists. The project is linked to the website to raise, through digital channels, greater awareness on the subject, helping patients and carers to recognise the symptoms associated with a thyroid disorder.


Best Consumer Health Project of the Year for “FilmTec® technology for a new line of dietary supplements” by PM Sabrina Gorassini. 

The innovative FilmTec® technology makes IBSA Farmaceutici one of the few companies in the world that can formulate medicinal products and dietary supplements in film, postage stamp-sized ultra-thin sheets of polymeric material containing the active substance.


Best Communication Project of the Year for “#regalatevilasalute” by PM Maria Scanzano. 

An awareness campaign that originated from the need to inform couples and raise their awareness of the necessity to protect themselves against sexually-transmitted diseases, by promoting the importance of the vaccine against HPV, for both men and women. A decisive factor for doctor-patient communication was the involvement of a high-prestige scientific board of experts that stressed the importance of awareness, sexual education, and prevention, as well as the support of LBA (Lega Basket Serie A), which championed the values and educational purpose of #regalatevilasalute.


Best Multi Target & Multichannel Project of the Year, for “Gli insoliti sospetti. Ti fidi davvero di loro?” by PM Maria Scanzano. 

A multichannel campaign aiming to counteract the worrying phenomenon of drug counterfeiting. An ecosystem that is exciting yet, at the same time, highly scientific, consisting in various online and offline touch points and developed with the objective of informing patients in a clear and engaging manner of the risks associated with purchasing counterfeit medicines.

IBSA Farmaceutici's achievements do not stop. At the Excellence Dinner by SICS, held on March 23rd as part of the Life Science Excellence Awards, the projects “Non dire tiroide” and "FilmTec® Technology for a New Line of Dietary Supplements" by Alessandra Mirabile and Sabrina Gorassini, ranked among the TOP 5 in their respective categories, based on the vote of physicians, pharmacists, and industry stakeholders.

For IBSA Farmaceutici, these awards are an important milestone that rewards the company’s commitment to raising awareness and informing, through creative and innovative projects, and striving to achieve its main goal: to improve patients’ quality of life.