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IBSA promotes the World Thyroid Week 2023

Also this year, from 25 to 31 May, the World Thyroid Week is celebrated, promoted by the main endocrinological scientific societies and patient associations.Over six million Italians suffer from thyroid disorders - more or less serious - which derive from an incorrect functioning of the thyroid gland, but, due to the presence of non-specific symptoms, diagnosis and treatment are often delayed. Every year, World Thyroid Week is an opportunity to join forces in raising public and patient awareness of the prevention and correct management of diseases that can affect the thyroid, a small gland which, through the production of hormones, plays an essential role in regulating many important body functions. IBSA Farmaceutici, historically involved in this therapeutic area and in supporting information and awareness initiatives for patients, is one of the main promoters of the initiative.

Confirming the daily commitment to patients with thyroid diseases, this year IBSA wants to be at the forefront by launching the WE CARE ABOUT THYROID campaign! A social campaign that aims to really involve everyone - doctors, patients and professionals - in promoting a correct information about thyroid diseases. Join us! 

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