IBSA GAMES 2023: when sport meets corporate value


Team spirit, healthy competitiveness and a great desire to have fun and get out there. These were some of the ingredients that made really special the IBSA Games, the 2023 edition of
IBSA Farmaceutici’s corporate tournament.
After the great success of 2022, our collaborators wore the jerseys once again, but this time they had to address a more demanding challenge:
IBSA has in fact decided to think bigger, and to extend the competition to include other sports as well. Beach volleyball, padel and table tennis: these are the three categories in which the 70 participants tried their hand, creating an exciting competition. The tournament was played over four very intense days. Participants were combative and never spared themselves, creating a climate of great harmony and bringing to the competition field – just like at work –IBSA’s most important values: the will to give the best and the commitment to reach the goal, while always aiming for excellence, the respect for the opponent and the passion to work together as a team.
In fact, the goal of the IBSA Games was precisely this: to use sport to create synergy and reinforce the bonds between colleagues, working as a united team, ready to support each other in difficulties and to rejoice together for the victories achieved – whether on a playground or in the office, in their everyday work.


But that’s not all. The IBSA Games also welcomed some special guests: in fact, kids from the Fondazione Stefano and Angela Danelli Foundation – the organisation that supports the training and education of children and young people with autism and other disabilities in the Lodi area – also participated in some competitions. IBSA maintains a strong link with the foundation, which the company has been supporting since 2014 through the work of the social enterprise I Bambini delle Fate (“The Fairies’ Children”). The company tournament was therefore an opportunity of actual integration and social inclusion, from which a greatly emotional experience was born, proving how sport can break down every barrier and be a valuable tool for even more tangible sharing and collaboration. In addition to the Fondazione, many of the company’s sporting partners also took part in the games, such as roller hockey players from the Amatori Wasken Lodi and the team of the Zebra Rugby Club, two teams that IBSA has been supporting for some time and with whom the company established a relationship of great friendship. To close the tournament, then, a big celebration, with the awarding of the winners of the three sports categories, as well as the three Best Players, one for each category, who during the games stood out for fair play, team spirit and sportsmanship.

Beyond the rankings, everyone contributed to the success of this project with their participation and plenty of determination, united by the motto: We play together!