Team play, loyalty, and respect: the values of sport that IBSA supports for well-being and social development

Today marks the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, established by the ONU in 2013 to raise public awareness on the importance of sport and physical activity for health, well-being, and social development. It is an opportunity to celebrate the values of true sport, such as commitment, discipline, loyalty, fair play, and mutual respect. 
Through sport, people can learn to work as a team, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals, but it does not stop there. Sport also has the power to unite, promote diversity, and create a more inclusive and supportive society.

IBSA Farmaceutici has always been close to the sports world because, in addition to encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle, it shares its values and promotes them to as wide an audience as possible.
In fact, through specific partnerships signed over the years, the company supports various sports teams and athletes who every day bring to their discipline the dedication and passion that inspire them to exceed their limits. These include U.C. Sampdoria, LBA - Italian Basketball League, Zebre Parma, Amatori Wasken Lodi, and open water swimmer and world champion Giulia Gabbrielleschi.


Not only partnerships with external organizations: in the last few years, in fact, lBSA Farmaceutici has also launched a corporate welfare program that allows all employees to participate in tournaments such as beach volleyball, paddle, and ping pong. This is a way to get involved, team up among colleagues, and have fun in a healthy and clean way. Sport is, therefore, a valuable communication tool for conveying important messages and values that are in line with IBSA's culture and mindset.