Awareness campaign

Cervical Cancer Prevention week: the contribution of the #regalatevilasalute campaign

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week - Jan. 23-29 - was launched with the aim of raising awareness of cervical cancer prevention and making it a thing of the past. Because this cancer is mainly caused by the Papilloma Virus (HPV), preventing the infection through vaccination is the most powerful tool we can deploy to achieve this goal. The #regalatevilasalute educational campaign on sexual well-being, create by IBSA Farmaceutici with the support of LBA - Lega Basket Serie A, also promotes this important message and supports the Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.  

Dr. Silvia Bonetti, gynaecologist, head of the HPV vaccination clinic at the Istituto Clinico Città di Brescia, and a member of the #regalatevilasalute scientific committee claims that “every year, around 2,400 new cases of cervical cancer emerge in Italy”; it is the second leading cause of death due to cancer among women of childbearing age. During the interview with Alessandra Tropiano, Dr. Bonetti recalls that “HPV-related diseases affect not only women, but also men, albeit less frequently. That is why the vaccine should be offered to young people of both genders. Only through widespread administration of the papilloma virus vaccine can we hope to defeat the diseases linked to this dangerous virus”.