Awareness campaign

#NeParliamoNoi: IBSA’s new educational project on sexual health


To mark World Sexual Health Day, IBSA Italy is launching #NeParliamoNoi, an information campaign that aims to promote education and discussion on sexual health and sexual rights in conjunction with Dr Nicola Macchione - a Urology and Andrology specialist, author of the book “Il sesso semplice” and active populariser.

According to the World Health Organization, "[…] Good sexual health is fundamental to the overall health and well-being of individuals. It has an evident positive impact on societies and countries”. Sexual well-being understood not only in its medical meaning of an absence of disease, but also considered in a broader context including the intimate, affective, and emotional sphere that underlies the well-being of everyone. Sexuality and sexual health remain taboo subjects around which there is a certain reticence to dialogue and free and open communication, even and especially with one's doctors. A tendency that, combined with the spread of fake news, incorrect and misleading information that often has no scientific basis, has contributed to the growing confusion and anxiety of many about these topics. IBSA’s commitment is to help remove this “wall” to allow correct education and information. This is an important responsibility that the company has been pursuing for several years, by supporting campaigns and projects like Ticket To Love, the first multi-channel digital ecosystem dedicated to the well-being of the male intimate sphere and of couples. With the #neparliamonoi awareness campaign, in coming months, the Instagram profiles @IBSAItaly and @ticket2love_ will feature ten in-depth contents that, using clear and fun but authoritative language, will focus on important issues associated with the world of sexual well-being and health, doing away with false myths and taboos. 

“The aim of the project is to speak to people without filters and in a direct manner, to spread awareness on certain sexual topics that in 2023 cannot still be considered taboo, but need to be normalised, because their correct understanding underlies the physical and, above all, psychological health of men and couples", states Nicole Caserta, Product Manager of IBSA Italy’s urology and andrology area.