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IBSA is celebrating World Arthritis Day

Today, 12th October, marks the World Arthritis Day. It’s a global awareness day held every year with the aim of increase the level of attention on a highly disabling pathology and on the importance of the early diagnosis in order to access the right medical treatment as soon as possibile.

Osteoarthrosis is the most common rheumatic disease and is characterised by a progressive degeneration of the joints. The 10% of the population is affected by this pathology and in Italy it affects more than 6 million people, with its prevalence increasing with age to the point that around 50% of over 50s suffer from the disease. These figures put osteoarthrosis in the lead among rheumatic diseases and as one of the main causes of debilitating pain in the general population. 

Causing joint stiffness and chronic pain, osteoarthrosis severely limits mobility, autonomy and it has a strong negative impact on the daily lives of millions of people. 

Managing and treating osteoarthrosis is a gradual process based on the disease’s staging. According to international guidelines, it is crucial to act early as soon as there is the onset of symptoms to allow access to the most suitable treatment plan and to achieve better clinical and therapeutic goals. There are currently treatments for each stage of progression of osteoarthrosis, which make it possible to control symptoms from the very beginning and slow down its progression over time.  

“IBSA works hard on a daily basis to provide therapeutic solutions that have a positive impact on people's quality of life”, explains Alessandra Mirabile, Product Manager at IBSA Farmaceutici. “We cover the needs of every stage of the disease, providing oral and infiltrative therapies characterised by innovative technologies".

Moreover, given the extreme importance of detecting osteoarthrosis early, IBSA Farmaceutici is committed in this area also promoting academies and training courses for medical specialists in order to disseminate the most up-to-date and cutting-edge diagnostic techniques, and thus encourage an early diagnosis of the disease and its subsequent management with the most suitable treatments.