Aree Terapeutiche

IBSA Vitamin B12: new “in-film” supplement to regain physical and mental energy

In summer, tiredness and fatigue are more of a burden, especially with advancing age. From IBSA innovation comes a new food supplement in orodispersible film based on vitamin B12, with IBSA FilmTec® technology, useful for regaining physical and mental energy. 
Essential for our body, B12 is a B vitamin which contributes to a normal energy metabolism, to the normal functions of the nervous and immune systems and to a normal psychological function. Albeit in small quantities, it’s present in all foods of animal origin, particularly in meat, fish, milk and eggs. Normally, a correct and varied diet is sufficient to provide our body with the necessary amount, but there are certain moments in life when a deficiency of this vitamin can be incurred. 

It can happen in many cases after the age of fifty, when there are situations of malabsorption related to advancing age, or when following a vegetarian or vegan diet, which is generally poor – if not completely devoid – of all those foods that contain the vitamin. In these cases, one may feel a growing sense of tiredness and physical fatigue and a general lack of energy, and taking a food supplement can be particularly useful in compensating for the vitamin deficiency. 

IBSA Vitamin B12 with FilmTec® is shaped like an ultra-thin piece of paper – about the size of a postage stamp – that easily dissolves in the mouth, upon contact with saliva. Thanks to this new oral film formulation, born from the collaboration between IBSA Farmaceutici and Pharmafilm (a spin-off of the University of Milan), taking vitamin B12 becomes simpler, faster and more convenient, even away from home. The advantage of this new oral film form is indeed that it can be taken anywhere, at any time, without water.