Corporate Social Responsibility

Natality is the future: the new project by IBSA Farmaceutici and Fortune Italia

The birth of a child is in itself an event that projects into the future. A new life begins and new energies and new perspectives are produced around a new story.
Parenthood cannot only be a woman’s, a man’s or a couple’s desire: we should also make it become a collective desire!
The “Natality is Future” project, created in collaboration with Fortune Italia, aims to open a moment of reflection and discussion on a topic, which is increasingly crucial for our country: denatality. We wish to stimulate a constructive debate between the representatives of the institutions, the business world and the scientific and academic community, in order to direct people to make a clear choice of side. It is neither a pro-life choice nor a pro-parenting choice, but rather an assumption of responsibility with respect to a crucial matter.  La Natalità è Futuro • Fortune Italia

The first issue, the one that is often dealt with superficially, is that regarding personal data. But when we talk about having children, we must necessarily discuss how and to what extent politics can contribute to building a favourable context for births. 
In particular, there are two aspects that have a more direct impact: gender equality, in all its forms, and the balance between professional and private life. 

We will therefore address the issue of large public and private corporate organizations, and how these can become the actors of a radical change in reducing the conflict between the professional and the family identity, while enhancing a new quality of life in parenthood. 

Finally, the natality issue is linked to the birth rate, starting with the consequences of the demographic decline for the development of the country and for the stability of the social security and welfare system. Indeed, population ageing has evident implications on an economic and social level, and the only way forward – considering a longer life expectancy as a positive factor – is to support population growth with the most appropriate tools, so that it becomes sustainable.

Ten guests will tell – in as many podcasts – their point of view on the subject of birth rate, while providing an overview, in order to stimulate the discussion as much as possible.