Discovering talent within the project Meet IBSA. We care for our people

01 July 2022

There is no better way to make the history, values ​​and activities of a company known than through the narrative and the passion of those who live it first-hand, every day. The new project Meet IBSA. We Care for Our People meets this goal, but it is only one side of the coin: the other is our will to give visibility and enhance the many talents present in the company, through a narrative that sees them as protagonists of – and participants in – a constantly growing and evolving reality.

It’s a different way of showing what constitutes the real culture of IBSA Farmaceutici: a profound sense of sharing and belonging to a group that believes in the same values ​​and founding pillars of the company – Person, Innovation, Quality, Responsibility – making them a source of inspiration for their daily work.

A work that becomes concrete and tangible as soon as it takes the form of therapeutic solutions that impact – for the better – the quality of people’s lives. This is what emerges from the stories of the first twenty one collaborators who joined the project MEET IBSA.

21 collaborators that will be the faces of the talent – young, fresh, full of enthusiasm – in the series of video clips made by the company and available on its social channels, including the new IBSA Instagram channel, where there are reels that tell the activities and responsibilities of each individual employee: visit and find out more!

Passion, emotions, ethics, transparency, sense of responsibility, professional and human growth: all this and much more can be found in the voice and eyes of these young people, who not only believe in what they do, but are determined to do it well, in order to contribute – both as individuals and as a company – to improve people’s lives.