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Doctors sharing views on TRAUMA, DOLORE E SPORT

Millions of people in Italy and around the world practise sport every day, at a competitive or amateur level. While on the one hand good joint function is essential for sporting practice, on the other hand the repetitiveness of this athletic movement can contribute to creating joint degenerative processes and musculoskeletal suffering that can become disabling for the performance and daily life of the person who practises the activity.

On 14 May, the Aula Magna of the Coverciano Technical Centre hosted the training and scientific update event in the osteoarticular field entitled "Trauma, Dolore e Sport", sponsored by IBSA Farmaceutici and that focused on these issues. The "Trauma, Dolore e Sport" event is part of this type of initiative: the scientific update meeting refers to an audience of sports doctors who wanted to seize this moment of training and comparison, enriched by the presence of specialists, experts in the sector and internationally recognised, who were able to share experiences and recommendations on how to manage sports patients.

Trauma, dolore e sport

To open and moderate the event, Prof. Enrico Castellacci, National President of LAMICA (Libera Associazione Medici Italiani del Calcio, doctor of the Italian national team, World champion in 2006 who, as scientific director, declared: "The goal of this event is to seize an opportunity to improve the diagnostic and therapeutic appropriateness of those who practise sports, through highly interactive teaching. It represents a moment to deepen the difficult clinical and rehabilitative aspect that comes with managing sportspeople, both agonist and former, the practical reality on the field and the role of the sports doctor, who must also extricate themselves from regulatory and organisational difficulties".

For years, IBSA has been committed to supporting sport and the health of athletes in the osteoarticular field in different and complementary directions. It dedicates scientific research and innovation to the development of products particularly suitable for patients with an active lifestyle and supports training and exchange opportunities between panels of medical professionals in order to support the spread of the most recent evidence and recommendations in this area.