Aree Terapeutiche

Vitamin B12 for energy metabolism and mental well-being

Having a balanced and varied diet is the principle to keep fit and long-lasting. Meat, fish, legumes, carbohydrates and vegetables must be taken constantly and in the right quantities in order to ensure a proper protein and vitamin intake to our body. Unfortunately, although these vitamins are present in many foods such as meat and fish, milk and eggs, legumes or leafy vegetables, it is possible that it is difficult to take the amount necessary for daily needs. The possible malabsorption of micronutrients is more frequent than we think and depends in part on subjective factors such as diets without animal proteins, or intolerances and allergies; but in most cases it is a common phenomenon linked mainly to age. In fact, studies have shown that after fifty years malabsorption can occur and therefore a lack of vitamin B12 and in these cases it is therefore important to supplement it.

IBSA Farmaceutici, in collaboration with Pharmafilm, a spin-off of the University of Milan, has developed the FilmTec® technology. an innovative oral formulation that facilitates the intake of supplements. Vitamin B12 IBSA, as an example, is a dietary supplement that looks like a thin sheet, small as a stamp that, once in contact with saliva, dissolves in a few seconds allowing the active ingredient to be absorbed optimally and in the right doses. It is handy, takes up little space and leaves no trace in the oral cavity. A simple, fast and practical way of taking it because you can take it anywhere, anytime, without water.