Natality is the future: a commitment beyond care

With the podcast “Natality is the Future: a commitment beyond care”,  Patrizia Puppi – Snr. Corporate Communication & CSR Manager at IBSA Farmaceutici – launches the special event. 

Listen now the podcast: 

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Carried out by IBSA in collaboration with Fortune Italia, the project aims to propose a moment of reflection and discussion on denatality, an issue that is increasingly crucial for our country, but which does not seem to draw sufficient attention within the public debate and among the priorities of the political agenda.

Our society is undergoing a profound evolution: the couples’ lifestyles and plans have changed, with particular regard to women, who approach motherhood at a later age. As Patrizia Puppi explains in the podcast, we cannot pretend not to consider the natality problem as one of the most urgent challenges that our country is facing. In almost 70 years, fertility has halved worldwide, but in Italy things seem to be worse than in other industrialized countries. The mass media continually reminds us that we are going through a demographic winter; data, research and statistics remind us that, after the baby boom of the 1950s and ’60s, Italy saw a collapse in births, with the pandemic now accelerating this trend. 
We are always beating new denatality records: 15,000 fewer births in 2020; 12,500 in 2021. 
“These are impressive figuresunderlined Patrizia Puppi – which cannot fail to make us all question ourselves. We need to reflect more on the desire for parenthood, which cannot only be a desire of the individual or the couple, but must also become a desire of the community”.

The natality issue is closely related to the democratic system, because continuing to hide behind an individual vision alone leads to a loss of sight of the collective dimension, as well as of the vision of the future itself. In our country, there is currently great excitement about the new normal phase, about the search for new post-pandemic socio-economic approaches, and we find confirmation of this in the PNRR, where great attention is dedicated to Sustainability. If we do not start, first of all, from the human factor, this goal cannot be easily achieved. Without population growth, there can be no sustainable growth.

“With this project (La Natalità è Futuro) – we therefore set out to stimulate a debate and a more profound reflectionsaid Puppi – to direct people to make a clear choice of field, without imposing any definitive vision or univocal answer, but stimulating a debate that can provide different points of view and help build up a system. 

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