Each year, on April 28, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work – established in 2003 by ILO (International Labour Organization) – is celebrated, in order to promote the prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases worldwide. This international information campaign is aimed at raising awareness of a culture capable of ensuring a healthier and safer environment in terms of Health and Safety at Work.

Preventing accidents, reporting dangerous situations and, in general, ensuring a serene, pleasant and harmless working environment are part of IBSA’s main objectives, with the safety of its People as a priority! This is why the Company is launching its educational campaign Fai la mossa giusta: un impegno che deve rinnovarsi ogni giorno! (“Make the right move: a commitment that should be renewed every day!”), to get to the heart of safeguarding the safety and health of its collaborators, inviting them to make informed choices.

The commitment to ensure safety in the workplace does not begin and end at a specific moment: safety is the result of a continuous and constant attention, for which reason we are launching the campaign #Fai la mossa giusta (“#Do the right move”)”, ​​explained Mariassunta Fiori, HSE Manager at IBSA Farmaceutici. “Through a series of experiences, we aim to enhance the constant commitment of everyone – as well as the Company’s – towards continuous improvement goals, with an active and interactive involvement in activities useful for learning “safe” processes and “appropriate” behaviours to be taken on in the workplace”.

Therefore, we should not think of prevention and safety at work as a mere and simple way to comply with the laws, but we must achieve a broader and shared approach towards the common meaning of “working safely”, taking into account productivity, and at the same time the well-being of the Person.

It is therefore important to join forces and act together.