Vitamins in a film: the story of a “Made in Italy” R&D achievement

The presentation to the press of the IBSA FilmTec™ technology – at the core of the new Vitamin B and B12 supplements in orodispersible film – was held in Milan on April 5.

An entirely “Made in Italy” R&D pathway that saw IBSA Farmaceutici collaborate with Pharmafilm, a spin-off of the University of Milan.

Moderated by the chief editor of the Science for Life series (Sonzogno), journalist Eliana Liotta, the event was also attended by Arrigo Cicero, President of the Italian Nutraceutical Society (SINut, Società Italiana di Nutraceutica), Lucilla Titta, Nutritionist and Researcher at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, and Andrea Maria Giori, Head of R&D at IBSA Farmaceutici. It is in this context that the experts drew the picture of the new food trends, highlighting in particular the impact that the pandemic has had on the habits of Italians at the table, to then dedicate a specific focus to B vitamins, essential micronutrients for many physiological functions: from the production of red blood cells, to the maintenance of immune defences and to the good health status of the nervous structures and the energy metabolism. However, pregnancy – or the presence of intestinal alterations – inhibit its correct absorption, making it difficult to reach the daily requirement of these nutrients with the diet alone, hence the resort to food supplements.

The new vitamin B and B12 supplements in orodispersible film were presented to the press by describing the innovative IBSA FilmTec™ technology, that allowed their development.

“The innovative patented oral film formulation allows an easy administration without water, particularly suitable for active people – who are often away from home – children, the elderly and the subjects with swallowing difficulties”, explained Andrea Giori, Head of R&D at IBSA Farmaceutici. “The distinguishing feature of the FilmTec™ technology (which is at the basis of the development of these new supplements) is the use of food maltodextrin as the main filming polymer: a safe and commonly used food ingredient, which – besides ensuring good resistance, stability and uniformity of dosage – allows for a fast and pleasant dissolution, without any residue or aftertaste. Once placed in the oral cavity, in contact with the saliva, the orodispersible films dissolve in less than a minute, quickly and completely releasing the functional ingredients”.