Roller hockey: IBSA Farmaceutici is Premium sponsor of the Amatori Wasken Lodi team

The 2022/2023 sports season is about to start and Amatori Wasken Lodi takes the field with a new ally: IBSA Farmaceutici. The company will indeed be Premium Sponsor of the roller hockey team, that will start the A1 series championship with IBSA’s blue diamond on its athletes’ shirts.

With a prise record that boasts important victories and awards – from the 2016/17 Super Cup, through the 2017/18 and 2020/21 Scudetti and the Coppa Italia in the same year – Amatori Lodi can count on many supporters and is a reason for pride for all the giallorossi (“yellow-red”) fans, who this year are ready once again to support the team in all the season matches. IBSA Farmaceutici and Tecnogenetics will do the same; indeed, they decided to support the team precisely to share the great emotions that only sport can offer, making their closeness and participation felt all over the Lodi area.

This latest partnership signed by IBSA adds to the many other initiatives and projects that the company has been implementing and supporting in the sports field for several years now, by embracing several competitive disciplines and promoting positive values ​​and messages of aggregation and collaboration, as well as of well-being and health. From the spirit of sharing to the beneficial effects on health, sport is in fact for IBSA a perfect combination of sociability, fun, passion and physical exercise: all essential ingredients to get to live a healthy lifestyle and a complete well-being. In short, pure THERAPEUTIC ENERGY.

Amatori Wasken Lodi