Corporate Social Responsibility

ESG Culture LAB: the meta-narration by IBSA Farmaceutici towards a sustainable transformation

“One hundred years ago the journey of Eden began, a gigantic spaceship that departed from the Earth, headed for a new planet”... These are the opening words of the internal survey that IBSA Farmaceutici has chosen to administer to all its collaborators, leading them to discover their own opinions and attitudes towards ESG change.

The survey, conceived by Eikon Strategic Consulting Italia within the ESG Culture LAB Observatory - in collaboration with the Adnkronos Group - aims to value and involve people and companies in achieving the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

The internal survey is presented as a narrative questionnaire that uses the metaphor of space travel to foster each participant’s reflection on topics having a strong value impact and affecting individual choices, as well as the sharing of corporate objectives in the sustainable transformation.

Carlo, Martina, Gemma and Valerio are just some of the protagonists of a story that simulates the growth and evolution of an actual ecosystem that, over time, experiences profound  environmental, economic and social changes. From the consumption of natural resources to energy efficiency, from gender equality to the climate crisis, from the need for technological innovation to that of investing in people’s training and creating new professional opportunities: many topics are addressed in the questionnaire, which has been designed to rotate around 3 precise reference areas, such as the propensity of collaborators towards sustainable behaviour in their personal sphere of action, their opinion on the company’s commitment to sustainable transformation and the perception of the role of the country in achieving ESG objectives.

Each question therefore represents a motivation created to invite each participant to explore their own predispositions and beliefs, involving them in a moment of profound reflection on themselves and on the corporate context in which they live. The result of the survey (which is anonymous) therefore constitutes a valuable tool, both on a personal and corporate level, and will be the starting point for an analysis and a reflection, with the aim of finding new lines of action for the future, but not only. IBSA’s ESG results and projects will be the focus of discussions with the institutions and other important leading companies, on the occasion of the presentation of the First Annual Report of the ESG Culture LAB, scheduled for November 29 in Rome. The Report will present the data from the survey administered to a representative sample of the Italian population, as well as the corporate best practices.

The work, unprecedented at national level, will measure the personal involvement of Italians and their judgment on the commitment of institutions, social organisations and companies to improve the country’s sustainability. The indications of the interviewees, indeed, will provide tools for investing in that human capital, considered a key success factor for the transformation outlined by the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals defined by the 2030 Agenda.

What will the most widespread values ​​and behaviours be, with respect to the ESG? Who will prevail: the profiles most sceptical towards real change, or rather those more active in the defence of environmental and social sustainability? The appointment is on November 29, to find out together.