Corporate Social Responsibility

Fighting bullying and cyberbullying by giving a voice to the kids: the initiatives of Il Magnete

No wealth can derive from the development of a production economic activity if it does not restore value to the community. This is why IBSA has chosen – since 2017 – to support Il Magnete, the Social Promotion Organisation active in the Lodi area in its fight against bullying in all its forms.

In view of the data released by the latest research by the Osservatorio Indifesa 20211 – according to which 1 out of 2 adolescents in Italy has been bullied; 7 out of 10 kids do not feel safe when they surf the net; and 69% of them feel exposed to the risk of cyberbullying – Il Magnete has implemented a project to raise awareness among children and adults on the issue, and to offer them all the tools necessary to ensure a responsible personal growth.

How? Through the development of a targeted civic education course for local lower and upper secondary school classes, with the help of psychologists, educators and specialists and through educational paths that make use of the artistic and creative language of music, culture, theatre and other apparently distant contexts – such as that of video games – but which can become a common ground for thought and growth. A concrete example is the #NOBULLISMO project, which in 2020 gave birth to a series of itinerant meetings on the use of video games, fuelling the discussion among the youngsters of the Lodi schools for an exchange of views on their use in a mindful way, respectful of the others.

The message that Il Magnete – together with IBSA Farmaceutici – promotes is that, despite the physical distance, bullying does not disappear, and indeed any form of abuse and discrimination behind the anonymity of a screen can easily worsen and turn into cyberbullying. Talking, interacting, learning stories and therefore promoting the dialogue between kids and experts, but also with teachers and parents, is one way not only to provide them with a guide, but above all to encourage and support them, by making them feel less alone.


1 Survey of the Osservatorio Indifesa 2021, created by Terre des Hommes and One Day

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