October 2: IBSA celebrates the International Day of Non-Violence

02 October 2022

October 2: IBSA celebrates the International Day of Non-Violence

A day dedicated to the “promotion of a culture of peace, tolerance, understanding and non-violence”. This is the content of Resolution A/RES/61/271 of June 15, 2007, with which the General Assembly of the United Nations established the International Day of Non-Violence, to be celebrated once again this year, on October 2. The date was chosen to coincide with Gandhi’s birth: the term “non-violence” was in fact coined for the first time in 1908 to indicate the movement and method of struggle promoted by MK (Mahatma) Gandhi, who thereafter became a symbol of freedom and pacifism.

In a historical period of pronounced international social and economic unrest, when we find ourselves facing lasting crises of a different nature, IBSA Farmaceutici takes the cue offered by this Day to dedicate a moment of reflection on this issue, and to continue to strongly reaffirm its own rejection of any kind of violence. In whatever form or gesture it may occur – be it physical or virtual, on the web – violence is in contrast with the mission of IBSA, a company which has always been committed to taking care of people and to being by their side, as a promoter of health and well-being.

And it’s precisely by following this vision that the company supports many initiatives, while being also present at local level, with partnerships and projects aimed at informing, educating, raising awareness of the culture of respect and inclusiveness, against all forms of discrimination and prevarication, starting from school and from the younger generations. Initiatives against cyberbullying, in support of young people with autism; support for families in health poverty conditions; and awareness of children’s rights and in the area of healthcare and education: the commitment of IBSA Farmaceutici has been growing over the years, in the consciousness that only through the collaboration of everyone can we realise the ambitious idea of ​​changing the world and making it a more peaceful and safer place.