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IBSA Farmaceutici at Omega 3 Awareness Week: research, innovation and manufacturing excellence

From 21 to 25 February 2022 IBSA will participate in Omega 3 Awareness Week, a digital event to create greater awareness on the importance of omega-3 for the human body. The company participating in the event will be sponsoring two readings to highlight the importance of these molecules for cardiovascular health:

-    'Preventive Cardiology - How omega-3 can help', with Dr Seth Baum; 
-    "The Omega-3 Index- Important cardiovascular risk factor', with Dr William Harris. 

The event will be an important showcase for IBSA to show its commitment to research and development of high-tech products and environmental sustainability, with particular reference to the cardiometabolic and Omega-3 areas.


Subsequently, through an advanced extraction process, IBSA Omega-3 reaches a high concentration and purity, with an EPA and DHA content of no less than 85% and without the presence of environmental contaminants, such as chemical solvents, metals, oxidised fatty acids, proteins and cholesterol, thus leading to the IFOS Five Star certification.  

Innovation is a daily challenge for IBSA Farmaceutici, the focal point with which our Researchers develop new formulations and innovative technologies “Made in Italy"
The modern production site in Lodi, a model of "Made in Italy", boasts numerous production technologies, such as PEARLTech®, technology for the production of soft capsules, a dosage form that guarantees purity, freshness and concentration. 

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