Aree Terapeutiche

IBSA Human Solutions are the result of listening to people about their needs and research focused on innovation.

To take care of people's well-being, health and life, it is necessary to perform a truly human act: listening. In fact, IBSA has always developed products by looking for concrete solutions to the actual needs and problems that affect people in their everyday lives. This means not only thinking about the function of a product but also about the impact it will have on the user. 

Within this process, IBSA research and technologies play a fundamental role in 10 therapeutic areas which can be split into 3 divisions: Pharma, Dermoaesthetics and Consumer Health. For each of these areas, IBSA transforms needs into solutions, creating real HUMAN SOLUTIONS

Human because they focus on the individual from a physical, social and psychological perspective. Solutions because through research and technology innovative social solutions can be conceived to improve the quality of life.