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IBSA FilmTec® broadcast on La7 LIKE

Food and nutrition are now the protagonists of several television entertainment programmes and talk shows, testifying to the importance that this issue has in the life of all of us. Learning about the properties of food and the importance of a complete and balanced diet, varied every day, is essential for promoting correct and healthy lifestyles. However, it is now widely recognised that in several conditions diet is not sufficient to ensure the correct daily requirement of micronutrients. In these cases, resorting to food supplementation can be an effective solution to restore the right supply of nutrients. 

Precisely in order to introduce the benefits and characteristics of food supplements and promote their correct and informed use, La7 programme LIKE, tutto ciò che piace dedicated to these products a special report, which was broadcast on September 24. 

What is the role of supplements and why are they important for our body? These are some of the questions that the show – with the contribution of Andrea Giori, Head of Research & Development at IBSA Farmaceutici – tried to answer by clarifying, also through examples, the conditions in which it may be useful to resort to food supplementation. The report also talked about the methods of taking supplements, and in particular of the new formulation in orodispersible films: a simple, fast and convenient formulation, easy to take without water, and therefore even while being away from home. The La7 troupe had the opportunity to enter the production laboratories of IBSA Farmaceutici to document the different production stages of the new IBSA supplements in orodispersible films, which rely on the exclusive IBSA FilmTec® technology: ultra-thin films – about the size of a postage stamp – that easily dissolves in the mouth, upon contact with saliva.

Innovation – combined with research – is the pivot around which IBSA Farmaceutici’s ability to renew itself revolves. With its research laboratories, the company also collaborates with the academic world, thus creating a bridge that connects scientific studies to industrial development, implementing ever-new solutions, available to everyone.