Awareness campaign

Online the 3rd episode of IBSA crime series “The Insoliti sospetti, do you really trust them?” against counterfeit drugs.

The third episode of the crime series "The Insoliti Sospetti, do you really trust them?" deals with the issue of the effectiveness of counterfeit drugs that are purchased, consciously or not, on the web.
The episode is part of a real 4-episode crime series, promoted by IBSA Farmaceutici with social and adv campaigns, to raise awareness and inform the public on the phenomenon of drug counterfeiting.
The main character of this episode is the drug dealer Ray, a member of the Gang of Unusual Suspects, dedicated to counterfeiting and selling drugs on the web. Ray carries on his shady business as a drug dealer, hidden in the dark corners of the city, in disreputable alleys, where he traffics counterfeit drugs, which may not contain the correct active ingredient or contain it in unsuitable quantities, and therefore be dangerous to health or ineffective.
That's exactly what happens to Ray's client. Instead of spending a nice evening as planned, the man feels bad enough to call an ambulance.

This story describes a phenomenon where 75% of counterfeit drugs sold online are for erectile dysfunction (ED). As explained at the end of the episode by Prof. Emmanuele Jannini, Full Professor of Endocrinology and Medical Sexology, the patient does not get the desired effect from these drugs because their clinical efficacy is often nil. 
In addition to the risk of not treating the disorder or the disease adequately, 1 out of 10 times, these counterfeit drugs can cause toxic and irreversible effects on the body1. Moreover, these effects can lead to high costs for the health service.2 The Professor's advice is therefore not to buy counterfeit drugs on the web.

In a few minutes, the 4 series episodes of the Gang of Unusual Suspects’ adventures commented on by expert clinicians, succeeds in transmitting a very important message: be careful with the drugs you buy online and always be wary of counterfeit ones, which are risky for personal and public health.
It is with the aim of informing people about this risk, that IBSA is continuing its commitment to support this campaign against drug counterfeiting.

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