Corporate Social Responsibility

World Autism Awareness Day: IBSA continues its commitment alongside I Bambini delle Fate (“The Fairies’ Children”)

Every year, on April 2nd, the focus is back on a delicate and often neglected issue: autism. Established in 2007 by the United Nations, World Autism Awareness Day aims to raise consciousness among the public on the rights of the people affected by autism spectrum disorders. In Italy, this disorder – which is estimated to affect the children of about 500,000 families – is characterised by a qualitative impairment of communication and social interaction, by behaviours based on stereotyped and repetitive models and, finally, by difficulties in relating with others. This neurodevelopmental condition, which occurs since childhood, affect people for their entire life.

For such a limiting disability, for which there is no specific medical treatment, it is important to intervene and support both the children and their parents, in order to improve the quality of life of the whole family. It is precisely in this direction that the social enterprise I Bambini delle Fate (“The Fairies’ Children”) operates, to ensure economic support for inclusion and independence projects for children with autism.

Organisations such as the Fondazione Danelli and other projects active on the Italian territory can operate at their best only thanks to the continuous support of the social enterprise I bambini delle Fate. Continuity is, in fact, the key word to ensure that the projects implemented by the various associations are truly able to offer concrete support in managing this condition.

IBSA Farmaceutici has supported I Bambini delle Fate since 2013, committing itself to the community and the territory in which it operates, supporting the Aiuta ad aiutare la Fondazione Danelli (“Help to help the Danelli Foundation”).

Aiuta ad aiutare la Fondazione Danelli (“Help to help the Danelli Foundation”) allows the parents of children with autism spectrum disorder to know and accept the disability, to acquire the tools and skills necessary to effectively manage the development and growth of their children and to protect the psychophysical well-being of families. The activities included in the project allow access to inclusion paths and favour the meeting and exchange of experiences between parents and families living in similar situations, thus nourishing a virtuous circle of social support.