Aree Terapeutiche

BabyHeART, the beating heart of ART

"Heart and technology in support of life": this is the concept of the name BabyHeART (HeART - Help to Assisted Reproductive Technology), the IBSA project dedicated to ART physicians and future parents launched last year and it will be subject of a further important development during 2022.
Heart means the passion that the doctor put in every ART path with the wise use of the tools and technologies.
Heart means life, because listening to the heartbeat is the first great emotion for a mother, it is the first sign of the new life that is finally coming, the announcement of the desire for motherhood has finally come true thanks to ART and a lot of patience and determination.
With BabyHeART IBSA confirms its commitment to ART with a specific goal: to facilitate relationships between specialists and couples and simplify the path of ART thanks to the use of technology and new digital tools.

BabyHeART is a multi-channel digital project that aims to reach physicians and patients through important targeted tools, from digital medicine with a specific app for doctor-patient communication to online communication: the BabyHeART website and social media channels thanks to scientific content, validated and easy to understand, guides users through the world of Assisted Reproduction Technology, clarifying doubts and providing safe and reliable answers.

"We can be satisfied with the success achieved in a few months by the BabyHeART project, from the adoption of the app by the clinics to more than 80.000 website accesses and more than 1,400,000 people reached by the social media" - says Sharon Gulisano Senior Product Manager Human Reproduction - “These results encourage us and make us confident about the future of BabyHeART which will continue to be a point of reference for couples looking for information on infertility issues and a concrete support to realize the dream of becoming parents”.

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