BabyHeART: digital medicine of IBSA

During the third edition of the Digital for Clinical Day, an event organised last december by Advice Pharma under the auspices of the Milan Politecnico University, researchers, experts and managers discussed digital medicine in Italy and the digital revolution in medicine and healthcare.

Luca Crippa - CEO & Managing Director of IBSA, spoke at the event about his recent experiences and how IBSA has moved with ease in this new context of digital medicine, since technological innovation has always been the cornerstone of the company’s success, making it a major player in Italy and around the world.

IBSA has recognised the digital medicine as an opportunity in the field of fertility, which is one of the company’s ten treatment areas. In partnership with Advice Pharma, IBSA developed the BabyHeART app, an innovative solution to connect patients and couples planning to undergo assisted reproduction and the centres that assist them.

IBSA’s approach revolves around people, doctors and patients and it harnesses technology to develop valuable treatments and solutions that meet the real needs of people in order to improve their quality of life.

The BabyHeART app helps patients and couples to communicate directly and efficiently with their fertility centre and share test results and documents electronically, ensuring the highest security standards and making telemedicine visits possible.
It has also proven to be a useful tool for clinical centres as well, as it optimises the management and filing of clinical data using certified channels that save considerable resources.

The BabyHeART app improves therapy adherence by giving patients easy access to their treatment plan and minimises medication errors thanks to functions specifically designed to make the app very user friendly.  It reduces the number of visits to the centre and, consequently, the number of workdays lost.

The first and today only app in the area of fertility that testifies to IBSA's constant commitment to developing valuable solutions that concretely respond to people's needs.