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“BabyHeART. Assisted Reproductive Technology is a project of love.”


IBSA Farmaceutici launches “BabyHeART. Assisted Reproductive Technology is a project of love”, a podcast featuring the stories of twelve couples that pursued  Assisted Reproductive Thecnology (ART), available on Spotify and on all dedicated platforms.

LISTEN NOW: “BabyHeART. Assisted Reproductive Technology is a project of love”

Why a podcast?
Podcasts represent a new means of communication that suit the needs of our “multitasking” way of life. They are an innovative tool that allows us to reach an increasingly broad audience by means of digital content that can be easily distributed. (15 million estimated listeners nationally in 2021, with a projected growth of 5% compared to 2021, as per Spotify).

The aim of this project is to aid and encourage couples with infertility problems to seek advice from specialists on getting started with the ART process, by immersing the listeners in the stories of the couples speaking on the podcast as they recount their long journeys in realizing their dream of parenthood. 


“‘Love and technology as a means of supporting life’: this is the underlying concept deriving from the BabyHeART name,” Sharon Gulisano Senior Product Manager - Human Reproduction reminds us, “using this concept as a jumping-off point we decided to expand the services we offer in assisting couples seeking information on fertility issues through the use of a new digital touchpoint: podcasts.I would like to thank all the specialists that contributed to the making of this project.”  

Through “BabyHeART. Assisted Reproductive Technology is a project of love” IBSA Farmaceutici renews its commitment in the field of Fertility by offering valuable support to couples who turn to ART.

Listen to the podcast: BabyHeART. Assisted Reproductive Technology is a project of love