Aree Terapeutiche

IBSA DERMA strengthens its presence in Buenos Aires and Lisbon

On November 18 and 19, the first LATAM DAY was held in Buenos Aires, during which 17 regional and local aesthetic medicine experts from the LATAM area, along with a number of international Key Opinion Leaders, shared their clinical experience on facial and body treatments using IBSA products. The experts’ presentations investigated and presented new techniques, indications and combinations created in response to specific market needs. The event is only the first step of a project that, in 2023, will involve the organization and execution of 3 Masterclasses - in Santiago Chile, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires - during which 40 physicians from the region will be invited and will have a chance to exchange views with the Board’s KOLs involved. With LATAM DAY, in fact, IBSA Derma's LATAM Board was also formalized, with its members - regional and local KOLs - becoming the contact persons to collect clinical cases on new products and receive constant feedback from the market.

Leo Magnani, International Sales Manager of the Dermo-aesthetics Division, underlined that "the project, which originates and is based on a concept of partnership between IBSA, Distributor-Doctor and KOLs, will allow us to understand different markets better and also rely more systematically, not only on the distributor's input and points of view, but also on those of the doctor and, hence, of the patient" .


"LATAM day in 2023 will be accompanied by the MENA and APAC day, again with a view to gathering, in the near future, experiences coming from the world' s different regions and holding the first worldwide IBSA Derma Congress", as pointed out by Tiziana Rossi, International Medical Science Liaison of the Medical Affairs division. 

With its know-how and expertise in the production of hyaluronic acid and of its related technologies, such as the NAHYCO® Technology, and in order to enhance its global presence, IBSA entered the Portuguese market with a kick-off event held on November 12 in Lisbon. The event was attended by 70 industry professionals and international KOLs such as: Filippo Brighetti, Beatriz Molina, Gabriel Siquier. In the words of Mariangela Cataneo, Operative Business Specialist of the Dermo-aesthetics Division, "entering the Portuguese market represents a great opportunity for IBSA on a European and international level and a means to promote the model of authentic beauty that makes us unique". 

 Know-how applied to hyaluronic acid-based products, a constant drive for innovation, and a "patient-centric" approach: these are three key elements that set IBSA apart in the field of aesthetic medicine and that have made IBSA a leading player in this field, alongside its ability to interpret people's needs and capture industry trends.