Aree Terapeutiche

WELBabyHeART, the tele-health platform dedicated to Fertility

The health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the consequent restrictions and social distancing, have changed the nature of interpersonal relations and has accelerated the process of digitisation of our society.
Digital communication has gained immense importance and a key role also in the health sector: both doctors and patients have become more oriented towards interacting remotely. This phenomenon represents an actual and genuine cultural and technological evolution, which, at the end of 2020, resulted in the Ministry of Health issuing a document titled “National recommendations for the provision of tele-health services” to regulate and standardise the minimum requirements for tele-health nationally.

IBSA, being constantly attentive to the needs of doctors and patients, has supported, in collaboration with WelMed, the establishing of WELBabyHeART, the tele-health platform dedicated to Assisted Reproductive Technology. The concept is a virtual clinic which allows specialist doctors to connect with their own patients directly, effectively and with complete security as regards the protection of sensitive data.
“WELBabyHeART is another important initiative of the BabyHeART project with which IBSA is proud to offer support to clinicians and couples, to help negotiate the delicate ART process”, says Sharon Gulisano, Senior Product Manager – Human Reproduction, “and is an innovative and dynamic service which allows doctors to give advice to couples while maintaining the continuity of the patient’s preferred treatment, enabling them to be assisted effectively in the comfort of their own homes for all services for which physical presence is unnecessary”.