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Three IBSA projects honoured at the Life Science Excellence Awards 2021

Three IBSA projects have won the Life Science Excellence Awards 2021. The first is "Baby HeART- Advanced Digital Medicine", a project dedicated to fertility and digital medicine, which received the award in the Best Innovative Device-Technology category. Baby HeART is the first digital solution dedicated to doctors and patients to facilitate their relationship and help couples along the delicate path towards conception.
The project #RestoacasaconAME has been shortlisted among the awardees for the Excellence Award for the Best Patient Advocacy & Support Program category. The initiative, promoted by the Association of Medical Endocrinologists (AME) in collaboration with IBSA, uses the social network Facebook to stay close to patients with endocrine diseases at such a challenging time as the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally, the project Launch of a new reference: Vitamin D3 IBSA is among the winners in the Excellence Award for the Best Consumer Health Project category. It consists in the launch plan that involved multi-channel planning, with a focus on digital communication channels (website, social pages, Amazon, etc.), for a product that opens a new frontier in the vitamin D market: Vitamin D3 IBSA a food supplement developed with a cutting-edge technology in a reference market characterised by low innovation.

Tre progetti IBSA premiati ai Lifescience Excellence Awards 2021

The jury made this choice after examining more than 480 candidate projects, at the end of several months of work aimed at evaluating not only the most innovative drugs and medical devices but also the best projects by players in the Life Sciences sector.

The goal of the Life Science Excellence Awards, promoted by the SICS, the Italian Society of Scientific and Health Communication, is to identify and advance projects and products of excellence through a communication campaign capable of encouraging, opening a debate on, and fostering the best experiences and of promoting the “Excellence in Life Science” winners among the approximately 500,000 clinicians and payors registered in the WelfareLink community who will vote to choose the “Excellence and Innovation of the Year”.

These awards, which come at a time of growth of our company, are an important accolade for us both for the constant commitment that we put into each of our initiatives and for our unwavering desire to innovate in the scientific and social fields and make us very proud of our work.