Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is responsibility beyond care – there is no innovation without balance

Pursuing sustainable development means building the only possible tomorrow: sustainability is not a choice, but a resource for all human activities, without exception. Being sustainable does not simply mean not polluting or not distinguishing between genders or even promoting world peace or protecting animals: it means all these things together in time and space. No form of innovation can be defined as such if it is not fully sustainable, that is if it does not contribute to building a future where People and the Planet can live together in a mutually beneficial way. Ultimately, sustainability is a balance between people and the environment, between the present and the future.

This is the ‘context’ in which Patrizia Puppi, Senior Corporate Communication & CSR Manager of IBSA Farmaceutici, lives and works, and which she describes in this interview with Pharmaretail

Pharmaretail intervista Patrizia Puppi