Luca Crippa and Andrea Giori tell Class CNBC about IBSA Farmaceutici’s renewed commitment to support the Country’s Health System

As Luca Crippa (CEO/Managing Director) and Andrea Giori (Head of Research & Development) told the microphones of Class CNBC, IBSA Farmaceutici is renewing its commitment and presence in Italy by supporting the Country’s Health System with a € 15 million investment plan.

On June 15, the press meeting “Innovation, investments and research: IBSA’s challenges in Italy” was held in streaming; during the event, IBSA Farmaceutici’s long-standing commitment in support of Italy and the pharmaceutical sector – without stopping even in the face of the crisis caused by the global pandemic – was discussed in detail.  

With the moderation of Andrea Cabrini, Director of Class CNBC, Luca Crippa emphasized the goals of the € 15 million investment plan, namely to increase the Company’s production, acquire cutting-edge machinery and renovate the Lodi headquarters, in a greener and more sustainable perspective.  

The interventions provided for in the investment plan and the commitment that IBSA has always shown in research and innovation go positively against the trend of the economic crisis of the current historical moment, thus becoming a virtuous example of exporting scientific know-how and “excellence made in Italy” all over the world.  

The peculiarity of IBSA is to invest in innovation, technologies and production capacity, in order to obtain drugs in the best form, i.e. therapeutic solutions that are not only effective, but also have the ‘right format’, suitable for patients who have to take them every day. Patient’s compliance, adherence to therapy and the development of new products are the topics highlighted by Andrea Giori, who emphasized the philosophy behind IBSA’s work, which sees the Company acting first and foremost – and before any market needs – in response to the patient’s need.