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Authentic beauty at the heart of IBSA Derma’s digital expansion

The “Authentic Beauty Manifesto” transcends borders with the plan to launch 10 new websites by 2022.

IBSA Derma’s work continues with an internationalization process aimed at sharing with the world its innovative approach to aesthetic medicine focused on each individual’s authentic beauty.

“Everyone is a masterpiece” is the communication concept launched in 2019, marking the new positioning and taking the company one step forward on its chosen path. As a leader in the production of hyaluronic acid and dermoaesthetic applications, IBSA Derma continues its work to expand and strengthen its vision of aesthetic medicine and promote an idea of beauty that breaks away from classic aesthetic canons to rediscover the importance of the authenticity in each of us. This means that special care is taken to preserve a person’s unique traits, so we don’t all have the same, standardized face. Instead, IBSA believes in exalting the beauty that come from within and glows through our skin, uniquely setting us apart.

This is a message that transcends borders, that is meaningful everywhere in the world and that IBSA Derma is intent on spreading through the power of the images it has chosen for the “Everyone is a Masterpiece” campaign, with a focus on commercial and digital expansion. In the wake of the launch of the international website, followed by the Italian and Spanish sites, the company has recently launched new websites in Europe - Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK - as well as in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain to further expand its footprint, with plans for another six websites by mid-2022. The common thread will be the brand’s strong recognisability: powerful, consistent images and content always tailored to reflect the authentic beauty of the people in each part of the world.

La bellezza autentica al centro dell’espansione digitale di IBSA Derma

We address the demands of the international market every day and the context in which we operate is increasingly high-tech. To strengthen our position, we are therefore focusing on consistent images and careful content management, two areas that are absolutely fundamental in this field” - explained Maria Bisogni, Marketing & Communication Manager of IBSA’s Dermoaesthetic Division. “Our approach to beauty, technological know-how and our solid partnership with the scientific community form the foundation on which we have built our online presence to come ever closer to our target”.

Accordingly, the first step in the process was meticulous, targeted website localisation, which required resources and energy to meet the specific needs of users by fine-tuning the text and content for people in the different regions. And these areas are growing by the day, as Leo Magnani, International Distribution Sales Manager of the Dermoaestetic Division remarked, “The list of nations where we are present is getting longer and longer. Only five years ago our products were sold in 36 countries, and today, thanks to our steady focus on people, the market and our investments, we have reached over 70 countries through direct offices and distribution partners”.

A fundamental requisite of IBSA DERMA’s internationalization plan is the central coordination of the images and content posted online, without losing the unique traits that characterise each individual market, especially for our direct branches. While our websites originate from a centralised project, they are then managed by the individual country managers who are committed to ensuring that the content is perfectly in tune with local needs and that it reflects our vision of preserving and exalting beauty. This vision must be tailored to the specific context of each corner of the world” - concluded Giuliano Cucchi, Direct Operation Manager of IBSA’s Dermoaesthetic Division.