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IBSA’s innovation in thyroid disease continues with a new formulation in 12 different dosages

When the thyroid gland is no longer able to supply the amount of thyroid hormones required by the body, health issues could occur, such as heart disease, infertility, obesity, joint pain and depression. We are talking about hypothyroidism, a disease which currently affects 5% of the Italian population, with a ten-fold incidence in women aged between 55 and 64.

Guidelines recently published by the American Thyroid Association recognize levothyroxine as the most appropriate therapeutic option for the treatment of hypothyroidism.

IBSA has always been committed to developing innovative formulations aimed at promoting the best absorption of the hormone and facilitating the patient’s compliance therapy.


                                                                                                                Indeed, after the launch of the first synthetic tablet of levothyroxine in 1960, and after over 30 years of lack of innovation in this medical area, IBSA entered the market by investing many resources in research and development and reaching in 2012 an important milestone, with the development of the single-dose liquid formulation in four different dosages. The Company then developed the soft gels, in 12 different dosages, through PEARLtec technology, a process that allows a liquid matrix, in suspension or gel, to be incorporated into a continuous shell of soft jelly, thus improving the oral intake of the drug, as well as the patient’s compliance.

A real revolution in the thyroid therapeutic area, enhanced by a production managed entirely within IBSA’s proprietary sites, with specific, highly specialized equipment – a veritable showpiece in the field of pharmaceutical industry innovation. Innovation, technology and skills which – when translated into clinical terms for the patient – represent greater compliance, and therefore a better quality of life.

By listening to patients and collaborating with doctors and Research Institutes, IBSA is able to find therapeutic solutions that are closer to the therapeutic needs, promoting the development of a correct scientific culture capable of increasing disease awareness and favouring an early diagnosis.

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