Aree Terapeutiche

IBSA promotes Fertility with BabyHeART

IBSA presents BabyHeART, the new project to support any couples who wish to have a child. With BabyHeART, future parents are guided through all the phases of Assisted Reproductive Technology: from the gathering of information to consultation and discussions with doctors, through the application of innovative technologies which simplify the relations between specialists and couples and facilitate the process.

There is heart in both the name and the project. Heart, because every medical professional invests passion in the entire ART process, and HeART – Help to Assisted Reproductive Technology – because it is innovative technologically, supporting medical practice.

Heart, because the heartbeat is the first sign of life within a mother, and it is concrete proof that the process has been successful, and the dream is coming true. That dream has been made possible thanks to the wise use of the resources that Nature has to offer. In fact, IBSA, which has always defined itself as “Inspired by Nature”, recognizes that the process of becoming parents must follow the same stages as Nature in the creation of things. It is only by aligning with multiple natural conditions that the greatest gift of life can be realised: the miracle of conception. IBSA is thus constantly at the service of future families with its BabyHeART project, and promises to become a new heart, alive and beating in the Assisted Reproductive Technology sector, in which technology and passion are united under a single name to help create life.

“IBSA has built up the BabyHeART project in establishing a multi-channel and technological approach to give concrete support to couples and to facilitate their relationship with medical specialists”, Sharon Gulisano, Senior Product Manager for Human Reproduction Medicine says. “We are very proud to have brought this project to fulfilment which, with its easily recognizable name and logo, will be part of several important initiatives in 2021, underlining IBSA’s commitment and its major position in the field of fertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology”.