IBSA talks with the young talents of Italian basketball alongside with LBA doctors

For the third consecutive season IBSA has decided to support the  Lega Basket A Series - LBA -, as Title Sponsor of the Next Gen Cup dedicated to under 18 and Medical Sponsor of the League. This is a key positioning for IBSA, as basketball is a sport that stands out for strong ethical and cultural values, such as passion, commitment, dedication, respect for the rules and fairness towards opponents. Indeed, these latter are all values in which IBSA fully recognizes itself. Moreover, basketball brings together a vast public in terms of age and interests, which is showing constant growth in Italy. In the same way, the commitment towards young people is really significant for IBSA, because enhancing young talents means investing on our future.

In point of fact, IBSA bases its work on four pillars: people, innovation, quality and sustainability. People are clearly the most important value for IBSA, because everyone who acts with passion and fairness represents an inestimable value, especially in the sport field.

“Teaching young people how industries and factories work as a team, and explain them the value of team work is fundamental”, commented Alessandra Mirabile, IBSA Product Manager of osteoarticular area.

“At IBSA, the words collaboration, participation and sharing build up the team’s spirit day by day. The same applies on the playing field: each player, with his own talent and capacity, makes possible to reach results that would be impossible for a single player alone”.

In addition to the single players, everyone within staff is also fundamental: the coach, the sport trainers, the doctors and technicians. It is through and thanks to the staff of the series A team that IBSA got the chance to dialogue with the Italian basketball’s talents.

Via these intermediaries the project finally became concrete: a production of educational interviews with doctors and athletic trainers of the League, as well as the development of useful videos for young basketball players and passionate fans.